Born in Bavaria, at home all over the world

Develey was founded by Johann Conrad Develey in Munich in the year 1845.

From a small Bavarian mustard factory, Develey grew to become a leading food manufacturer of mustards, sauces, salad dressings and other condiments in Europe. We are exporting in more than 65 countries worldwide.

More than 175 years of tradition, quality and corporate flexibility have shaped the history of Develey.  As a family-owned business in the 4th generation, authenticity and connection to local roots have been our guiding principles since the company was founded. These values go hand in hand with our commitment to innovation and growth.
Since 2020, all our sites in Germany have been climate neutral. In the same year, Develey won the German sustainable price. Find out more about sustainability at Develey.
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Develey in short:

·        Over 2.400 Develeyees around the world
·        18 sites in 10 countries
·        A large portfolio of well-known brands
·        Private-label solutions for customers of all sizes and profiles
·        Exporting to more than 65 countries worldwide


OUR Product categories

Product category - Mustard - Develey Homepage


We offer a comprehensive range of mustards including Mild, Hot, Dijon, Wholegrain, Hot English and Sweet Bavarian Style.

As well as the classic mustards above, we also produce a large variety of specialty flavours such as fig, honey, truffle or BBQ mustard.

Product category - Ketchup and mayonnaise - Develey Homepage


We produce a wide range of ketchups, mayonnaise, remoulade and salad creams.

Product category - Sauces - Develey Homepage


Sauces do not only taste great with meats and fish but are also perfect for dipping and for using to spice up every-day dishes and for marinating. In addition to the classic sauces recipes such as BBQ, curry, garlic and cocktail, we produce a wide range of sauces to suit every taste.

Product category - Salad dressings - Develey Homepage


We provide also a wide range of salad dressings including Classics such as yoghurt, French, vinegar & oil, as well as specialties dressings (balsamic, Caesar, Honey & Mustard, etc.). 


We offer a comprehensive range of pickles which includes a variety of different gherkins, red and white pickled cabbage as well as pickled vegetables such as baby corn, silver skin onions and beetroot. Most of our pickles are produced locally in Bavaria, Germany.  

Product category - Vinegar, sirups and horseradish - Develey Homepage


We have a comprehensive range of vinegars which includes all the classics such as spirit vinegar, white wine vinegar, red wine vinegar, dark Balsamic, white Balsamic and cider apple vinegar. Syrups of various types (e.g. raspberry, elderflower, herbs) and horseradish are also part of our assortment.